At HOYAMAR S. COOP, we believe that Quality Management is a fundamental element of Business Management, in which clients continually elevate their expectations of the products that they need, satisfying their needs through continuous improvement. To that end, this organisation intends to become a company synonymous with the term QUALITY, which is why we have established the following premises for ourselves:

• A firm commitment to fulfilling the legal requirements applicable to the activities carried out, as well as the requirements of the clients and principles of the organisation.
• The continuous study and updating in keeping with changes in the market.
• Respect for the environment, minimising the environmental impact of our activities.
• A moral and ethical commitment to our workers.
• Compliance with applicable legislation and regulations relating to Food-related, environmental and work-related quality and safety.
• Superior quality production in traditional and conventional cultivation.
• Processing and packaging of the highest quality, in an efficient and professional manner, satisfying the expectations and needs of our clients, offering a safe product of maximum quality.

In order to guarantee the commitment of HOYAMAR S.COOP to the policy of quality, we rely on norms and protocols such as:

• QS
• IFS Food
• Sedex
• LEAF Marque
• LessCO2

MISSION: The HOYAMAR S. COOP Mission is to tend to the needs of its clients, providing them with services and products of high quality that is also respectful of the environment, giving them assurances of the commercialisation and profitability of the products and assuring its employees of the possibility to develop their professional abilities.

VISION: HOYAMAR S. COOP. pursues a state of development that allows for obtaining sufficient production coverage in order to introduce the products into new markets, simultaneously strengthening their competitiveness in the same, and broadening the volume of production of its members.

• Maximum quality and security in terms of our food products, as a commitment to the consumers.
• Better lending and service to our clients and producers.
• Safeguarding workers’ protections and safety.